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D Street Norte Pintail Longboard

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 D Street Norte Pintail Longboard


The Norte Pintail combines not only quality components, ensuring a high performance product, but also an impactful, creative design. This seamless blend of performance and style is integral to the D Street brand and philosophy.
At 43" the Journey is the longest board in the range. This makes it perfect for cross stepping, yet still remaining great for commuting and cruising. The Road Rider collaboration brings high quality reverse kingpin trucks that produce impeccable performance. The stone ground center set wheels have been rigorously tested and improved to provide you with an effortlessly smooth ride.

Size: 40" x 9.25"
Construction: 7 Ply Canadian Maple
Wheelbase: Inside 29.75"
Trucks: 180mm Road Rider Reverse Kingpin with 95a High Rebound Bushings
Wheels: Centerset Super High Rebound 70mm x 50mm 80A
Bearings: ABEC 7