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When it comes to picking an entry level Pro Scooter, you can't do better than the new MGP VX6 Pro Scooter!

For this year, MGP have continued to improve the MGP Pro model by bringing back the deck fade finish on some models and increasing the one piece bars to 23" in height and 21" wide and have now made them oversized (35mm) in line with rider preferences. Don't worry if you think that this may be too high for your child as the bars can be easily cut down to suit by a specialist retailer or competent adult.

The MGP VX6 Pro deck continues to evolve by increasing strength and eliminating weight, using the highest quality 6061 T4 and T6 heat treated alloy to create a 4" wide internally fluted deck with 3 degree concave. The signature MGP 3D forged downtube is robotically welded to the extruded deck base.

The VX6 Pro features high quality MGP components including 130mm TPR Grind Grips with a strong nylon bar end, 4031 Japanese chromoly, upsweep, fluted T-bars, FSA sealed headset, threadless IHC fork, 100mm 88a alloy core wheels with high rebound urethane, K2 (ABEC 9 rated) bearings and MGP composite flex brake.


Bars: 23" (H) x 21" (W) 4031 Japanese Chromoly Oversized Upsweep Fluted T-Bar
Deck: 4" Wide VX6 6061 T4 & T6 Heat Treated Alloy, Fluted with 3° Concave
Fork: Threadless Steel IHC Fork with Cut Out
Wheels: 100mm 88a Alloy Anodised Core with High Rebound Urethane
Grips: 130mm TPR Grind Grips with Nylon Bar Ends
Clamp: Double Bolt Powder Coated 6061 Alloy
Headset: FSA Sealed
Bearings: K2 ABEC 9 Rated Chrome High Speed
Grip Tape: MGP Printed Full Deck Grip
Brake: MGP Composite Blitz Brake
Finish: Powder Coated Fade or Solid Colour
Additional Information: Weighs 3.76 kg (8.29 lbs) MG Alloy Badge Decal

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